emCierge - Concierge Municipal/Utility Applications

Finally, Municipal Applications without trauma

Our Method vs Theirs

As a boutique developer, emGov offers quality products to a select family of smaller municipal and utility customers. All products are Microsoft cloud based, totally integrated, and supported by our exceptional customer service department. Our team has been building and supporting solely municipal/utility applications since 1976, and prides ourselves in serving our family of customers with modern, functional, easy-to-use applications. No big license fee. No extensive RFP required. Our focus is on satisfying your software needs for years to come (we have customers who have used our software since 1976 - 43 years!!)



Comparison emGov emCierge Way Why This Matters
Experience Average Experience 15+ Years Solely Municipal application development Since 1976.
Focus Smaller municipalities and utilities Concierge service and focused applications, with reasonable cost
Expertise Focus on development and support Developers who Implement and Support


Comparison emGov emCierge Way Why This Matters
Technology Open Source Technology changes, open source protects our customers from obsolescence
Location Microsoft Cloud based Microsoft manages backups, security, resources - no inhouse servers needed
Integration All applications inter-operate Consistent, single point of entry ensure accuracy and ease
Document Management All applications integrate document management Documents are available wherever the applications are used
Remote Operation Any place internet is available Supports field operations (inspectors) and remote workers


Comparison emGov emCierge Way Why This Matters
License No up-front license fee Easy to begin using product. No risk
RFP Usually not needed RFP is optional. Can try product without long term contractual committment
Customizations Encouraged Competitors discourage - easier if you use the 'Vanilla' product. We encourage because this improves our product
Training Online or Onsite Onsite if desired. Scheduled classes online. Training videos included.
Conversion Easily done from excel spreadsheet data Conversion is the biggest risk in implementation. Our experience allows us to modernize convert steps


Comparison emGov emCierge Way Why This Matters
Reputation Absolutely top-notch Our customer longevity proves the excellency of our customer service department
Method Integrated issue management Issue management built into the applications from development


Integrated Municipal Fund Accounting, Payroll, Purchasing, Payables, and Requisitions

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Accounts Receivable and Utility Management, including Billing, Backflow, Capital Assets, and Cashiering

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Public Works

Fleet Maintenance, Codes Compliance, Inventory, Work Orders

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